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Where are you originally from?
I come from Whitehall, PA.

What do you love about lifting?
I’m into lifting because it’s all about paying attention to the details and mastering the right techniques. But the coolest part? It’s like a secret weapon for staying super healthy, especially as you grow older.

Why did you want to become a coach?
Once I stumbled upon the world of lifting weights, I got hooked! Decided I wanted to share the know-how and help folks on their journey to becoming super strong.

What are your hobbies outside of coaching at CSB?
I’m all about enjoying tasty food, exploring new places, kicking back, checking out the latest gadgets, and diving into some awesome books. Just living the good life!

What’s your favorite exercise?
Squat/anything lower body. It’s the most challenging for me but I feel the best afterwards.



Where are you from?

What do you love about lifting?
I love that lifting meets you where you are – there is a way for everyone to safely & effectively participate and benefit.

Why did you want to become a coach?
I have always enjoyed teaching and sharing something I enjoy with others. Being able to combine the two into coaching has been a great experience.

What are your hobbies outside of coaching at CSB?
I enjoy traveling, occasionally baking, hiking, Philly sports, BravoTV, and being an aunt

What’s your favorite exercise?
Back squat or bench depending on the day.



1.Where are you from?

Delco, PA

2.What do you love about lifting?

I love all different kinds of exercise, not just lifting. Exercise never really gets any easier, you just get better at it. I guess the main thing that I love about lifting specifically is that it is very skill and technique driven. Everytime I try a new lift I begin a new process of learning and figuring out how to get the most out of that exercise. It’s kind over like trying to hit a perfect score in Guitar Hero … just less frustrating.



Your training program will first and foremost be safe. We next focus on proper technique. We understand real success is in how you move rather than how much weight you lift.

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Our close-knit, supportive community will keep you accountable, engaged, and encouraged at all times. We create goals with you and celebrate success together.

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