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The CSB community is here to encourage you, keep you accountable, and cheer you on throughout your fitness journey!

Personal Training

We approach fitness with safety and longevity in mind – our programs are designed to improve your movement now and for years to come.

Nutrition Services

Getting the most out of your training depends on your diet. Our expert nutritionist takes your body and lifestyle and finds the right nutrition to achieve those goals.


We at Cedar Street Personal Training are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself, in and out of the gym.

You can become the person you were meant to be through our workouts and our community.

Our workouts are designed for ALL!

We accommodate and challenge every fitness level while keeping you healthy and injury-free.


michael denham
michael denham
Decade of round the clock back pain gone after a month in CSB. No joke. Used to have to bend my knees and hold a wall every time a sneezed since I was 25 and I’m 37. Threw it out when I was 22 on a construction job and again every few years since. Constant slight dull pain and lack of mobility. Chiropractor couple times a year. Slowly got worse over the years until I realized I couldn’t pick up a sock without touching my knee. Thought I was just getting old. Turns out I needed to build strength. All gone. Can’t believe it. Honestly I knew that building core strength and back strength would be a key part of getting over it but the fear of doing things wrong and causing problems always stopped me after a while. And of course actually hurting myself doing things wrong and then giving up. I thought of trying yoga instead. Saw CSB on Google in my neighborhood. First couple sessions in CSB when I realized the coaches especially obviously nick have a real knowledge base I had the confidence to continue and before I knew it I forgot I used to hurt so much. THATS MY STORY.
J Caitlin
J Caitlin
I have been training at this gym for about 2 months and only have positive things to say about it, including the trainers, other lifters, and space. As a lifting newbie I've found the environment welcoming, supportive, motivating, and effective. Love CSB!
Leela Singh
Leela Singh
Cedar Street is a really special place. So special that I drive 1 hour round trip twice a week just to work out there! And it's completely worth it. A few things stand out to me about CSB, which I'll list below: 1. The Trainers: Nick and his team are truly exceptional (shoutout Shay, Kaitlyn and Bert!!!! Thee best!!). They are supportive, encouraging and relentlessly positive. And they really know their stuff. Their focus on proper form and technique, and ensuring that you feel 100% confident in the movement before progressing has been so helpful in not only growing my confidence, but also in helping me make tangible progress without injury (which I don't think you'll find at some of those crossfit boxes, ahem). They also really listen to you, and make insightful and supportive adjustments to help you get the most out of your workout. 2. The Program Design: Beyond the handy apps and calculators that you are trained on when you start at CSB, the program itself is challenging but easy to follow, and is also cleverly designed to make you progressively more independent in the gym, which is in and of itself a huge confidence boost! I felt completely helpless at the beginning of my time at CSB, flopping around like a hot mess noodle person and not understanding how any of the equipment works. Now, for the first time ever, after three months of a solid routine and clear, helpful gym structure, I could actually go into a gym on my own and set up my full workout solo! That's HUGE for us noodle people. If you are new to lifting and the equipment intimidates you, CSB is worth it for this alone!! 3. The People: The community of people who come to CSB is supportive, friendly and inspiring. Especially as a woman who hears horror stories about traditional gym settings, CSB is the total opposite--some nights its just me making my baby gains on the bench press surrounded by all these SUPER powerful, super cool other women training for competitions and lifting all the fun colored huge heavy plates! What better motivation exists than that?? Everybody cheers each other on, and there is a very cute Discord community full of tips, affirmation and cute pet photos to boot. It's such an affirming environment, and I never feel intimidated or uncomfortable (just impressed and inspired!!). I've heard gym culture can be toxic, body negative and competitive. You won't find a shred of that bad energy at CSB. This is a very long Google review, but I hope it is helpful to someone out there who might be ready to experience the joy of lifting heavy things off the ground in a place full of the sweetest and coolest lifters around. Very happy to have found CSB, and I'm excited to continue my lifting journey there for hopefully a very long time. Hope to see you there 😀
Justine Williams
Justine Williams
Cedar Street is a fantastic gym. Nick and the other coaches are extremely kind and supportive. They gave me a straightforward plan that made learning easy. They are also great about checking in on your training and making sure you feel like your goals are being supported.
Diane Rubin
Diane Rubin
I can't recommend CSBC enough. As someone who is brand new to powerlifting, I already feel that I've made enormous progress in the past 2 months here. The coaches are wonderful and have helped in so many ways--improving my form, ensuring that I'm going through the movements safely, etc. Nick is incredibly responsive and thoughtful regarding what's needed to make the space inclusive and supportive. Highly, highly recommend!
Johanna Rebekah
Johanna Rebekah
I have finally found programming that works for me and is starting to provide me the results I have been wanting for years now. The varied workouts don't make working out feel mundane & I never get bored with training like I have in the past. The coaching staff really takes time to pay attention to detail and have created a wonderful environment for everyone. Though I had barbell experience, CSB has worked to correct some improper form that would have led to problems in the future. I am forever grateful for the lifestyle I have created for myself in this gym. If you are looking for a new start, do it here.
Meredith Lee
Meredith Lee
Cedar Street is an amazing powerlifting gym with an incredible community. Nick and all of the other coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging. Whether you are interested in training for a competition or just getting stronger, this is the place for you. As a woman just getting back into lifting after a multi-year break, I was nervous about joining a lifting-focused gym, but the environment is nothing but supportive and welcoming. I would recommend without reservation to anyone!
Elizabeth Mattox
Elizabeth Mattox
I've been loving my time here! I've been training here for 3 months with no history of strength training or spending time in a gym before and I'm having a blast learning something new each time that I come in. I would recommend this program to anyone starting out. Everyone I meet here is welcoming and helpful ... a wonderful enviornment all around.
Cassidy Zambrano
Cassidy Zambrano
I’ve been taking classes at Cedar Street Barbell Club for a little over a month now and have been completely blown away. The trainers are absolutely outstanding and make sure to give individual attention to each person in the class. I love the programming and the emphasis on form and control and getting down the three major lifts before incorporating additional exercises. Would recommend this gym to anyone and everyone.

The coaches all help by giving you specific challenging but achievable goals… and everybody is really really supportive and it’s a great place to come and get stronger 

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been on my entire life. It’s like I have an Exoskeleton now!




Your training program will first and foremost safe. We next focus on proper technique. We understand real success is in how you move rather than how much weight you lift.

Happy &
Healthy Life

Our close-knit, supportive community will keep you accountable, engaged, and encouraged at all times. We create goals with you and celebrate success together.

Your Goals

You’ll get the results you want from our programs. We’re invested in your success and want to see you happy, healthy, and excited!


We offer personal training, small group fitness and nutrition programming. 

No experience is needed!
If you want to feel energized, and motivated, and want to see results FAST without leaving your body feeling beat up. Talk to a coach!

  • Small group training is an affordable combination of personalized training of 1 on 1 with the energy and support of a group environment.
  • Personal training is our entry leveled, strength training that won’t leave you in pain after each session.
  • Powerlifting is a program guided and directed coaching for anyone with high-intent strength goals.
  • Nutrition is a key goal at CSBC. Our professional coaches will create a program that will lead to life-changing results. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our professional personal training team customizes every workout based on your individual situation, past exercise history, and goals with safety first in mind.
We meet you where you are and where you want to go!

Everyone is different. Everyone’s goals are different.

Remember consistency is key!

We recommend 3 sessions a week for optimal results FAST but understand your busy lifestyle.
In each session, we want to challenge your body comfortably which will allow you to live a limitless pain-free life!